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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey everyone!! i have not put up a post for a while so i though i woulld stop bye and say HI, and I miss you guys!!! The reason I have not been on is becuase their is not much to talk about! lol I have not been doing much other than getting settled into my new house. It's not Califorina out here but it is nice to be with my oldest brother, Ben and his wife and kids. Welp, I can't wait till i come visit califorina!! Love you all~~ =D

5 Lucky-Duckeys:

Courtney said...

i cant wait to see you for no limits!! you are going right? well i miss you soooo much! luv ya!!!
oh yeah and do you know who this "hi" person is?

Tammi said... i just tty like sat but i thought i would just like comment lol oh MacCain and Palin are workin out more and more!!!! lol we followed them home the other night and acted like we were sleeping when they called, and pulled into their driveway and pretended as though we were sleeing, and then we went in and talked lol so Pailin said thats the way we roll lol p.s. you gotta call her phone its so funny i did it:) muhaha

Sarah Ladd said...

Ah....Tamsen tamsen cwack me up!

HEY COURT! i am DEFINTLY going to no limits!! i would not miss it for the world, and i think that hi is camren.....i think not sure though...i miss you too!! lots 'o' love from missouri!!!! =D

Bekaaaah <3 said...

I think that you should post up some pics (:

oh and when are you coming to visit us??



Sarah Ladd said...

Aw i wish i could but the moola is tight so maybe after a get a job and make some REAL money i will! Oh and btw i love Bella's lullabye!! miss ya bunches!