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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Ok. Everyone else did this sooooo, i said"what the hay!" i might as well tell you guys my opion on life (oh yea, and stuff about me) SO! here you go.

1. Jesus Christ is ALWAYS first in my life

2. I LOVE tigger. He is da best!

3. The best friend i have ever had(or ever will) moved far far away to GERMany.

4. I hate GERMany.

5.I am moving to Missouri(soon. lol)

6. I have 4 of the BEST big brothers EVER! Ben, Josh, Alvy, and Joey.

7. Ben is married to Lauren and they have two kids, Saryia, and Joshua.

8. I want to travel to Venice and Australia

9. My goal in life is.........Coming Soon.......(in other words I don't know!!)

10. I have lived in the same house for 11 years, so it's kinda weird to move.

11. I have a word that I'm kinda KNOW 4 and it's Scandalous. ;0)


13. I have heard that Cali could fall off into the ocean @ anytime...oh yea, but i don't really believe it!!

14. I think California ROCKS!!

15. I love brite colors and try to were them as often as possible

Saturday, May 24, 2008


BEAUTIFUL Tams!! luv ya tamsen!

Tamsen, Me, Lexi, n Susanna MINNIE mouse!
Heehee! arn't we CUTE! jk
It had Tigger on it!! i just HAD to take a pic of it!! lol
Lexi looks WAY over happy, Tam looks like....something....., Ayla looks really bored, Franklin looks like a gansta, and Katie looks normal(which is UNnormall for her!! lol jking katie) MAN i'm just glad that I'M not in that pic! lol

A cute saying......

Franklin n Katie, she's wearing a wig i PROMISE! lol
Lexi, Me, Tamsen, N Alyssa
That happens to me ALL the time! lol
Me, Tamsen, n Lexi. Everyones a STAR!! lol

Aywa n Me!

Lexi, Me, n Tamsen @ "Hunny, I shrunk the Audience"
Lexi, Me, Tamsen, Ayla, Franklin, and Katie in line 4 Indian Jones

Friday, May 16, 2008

So everyone keeps talking about the Jones right?? well their is a reason 4 that!! They are this AWESOME family who moved to our church area about one and a half years ago and then(because their Dad is in the millatriy) they had to move away to GERMany....UGGH! So because we all know that they will be reading about everyting online....we say"THE JONES ARE AWESOME" or "WE MISS THE JONES SOOOOOO MUCH" and things like that to let them know that even though they are millions of miles away, we are still their best friends!!! So Att, Court, Bex, Aunt Marie, and Bro. Jones.......this is a tribute to CHU!! lol Luv you guys!!


Please comment if you miss any of the Jones(or all of them! :0))

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Do you have a "word"?? you know like scandlous! f so write it down with your name!! <3 ya!!

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~~Barlow Girl~~ (yes that guitar DOES have purple strings!)
Here they are again
Piano/Guitar player: Alyssa
Lauren played drums but here she is reading to the audience a bible verse Me Yvonne Alyssa Becca and Lauren
I was really impressed by the Barlow Girls! They did such an awesome job and were more about God then anyone else in the Concert!!! And their theme color was purple i think! so that's cool to ;0)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hawk Nelson's lead guitar
Lead singer he was really great sure....but i couldnt really hear him that well...the music was really loud!! lol

Hawk Nelson's lead sing and one of the members of the EX-band Audio Adrenaline

Hawk Nelson!! They did SOOO awesome

The drummer( i couldnt get any good pic's of him! :0(

HAWK NELSON! Concert @ Great America the guitarist came out on this little ledge!!! He was RIGHT in front of me!! It was really REALLY fun!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Niemann Avenue

Many of you have heard of the talented new Pentecostal band, Niemann Ave. This group of young men, is just a small portion of the MANY talented holy-ghost filled young people of this generation. We all have gifts that God has given us to help with the growth of His kingdom and Niemann Avenue is going to be doing just that with their music!! I have heard that they will be opening in Nevada, I am not quite sure when though. Welp. here are some of the Band's pics......

Thursday, May 8, 2008


OMG! i am going to what is considered the HAPPIEST place on earth, Disney Land!

I think it's been like 3 years since i have been, and i have never been to California Adventure, sooooo i was trying to think of which ride was my fave. it's Really hard! their are just sooo many awesome rides idk if i can pick one buuuttt i guess i would have to say that i love Splash Mountain!

So what is your favorite ride in Disney Land or Cali Adventure?? Plz comment and let me know!!

Disney Land here I come!! lol

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Me and Lexi-loo

Lol Steph and Lexi.......sillys
Antia! we were taking pic's of each other taking pic's!! lol
Bekah, Me and Court
Me and Court @ the ice rink

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hey guys n girls!!

This is my first post on my BRAND NEW blog!!!!


Here are some pic's just to start off with oh but

please give me some time to learn the ropes!! lol

Jesus loves you<3


Me and Courtney my BESTEST friend ever!! :D