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Monday, September 22, 2008


Yes i really am moving this time, in fact I'm all readly gone! lol Welp i'm on my way to missouir but we have to make a pit stop in Wyoming for a few day becuase on friday the back right tire on our pick up truck blew up(kinda)! So my dad put a new tire on and we were off again. But then on sunday once we reached Chyanne Wyoming(which is where we are now) and heard a REALLY LOUD noise coming from our WONDERful truck! It turned out the something was wrong with the new tire that my Dad had put on so all day sunday and now all day today people have been working on it. But that will NOT stop us! We are going to get their as soon as the truck is up and running again! Please pray for our truck! =D Love and miss everyone!

Untill next time ;P,

2 Lucky-Duckeys:

Anita said...


well I hope you guys are already there by now

i miss uuuu. :D
Bye Bye

♥Lorna's Blog♥ said...

OH MANN thats horrible! Well i miss you and your family really really bad!! :( :( :( whaaaaaaa!!!!!lol jk jk

Love, Lorna