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Monday, February 16, 2009

Road Trip!!!

So everyone likes road trips right? Well of course you would have to be with someone you enjoy being with and i am! My parents! =D We are currently looking for a new house/appt. and found a very pretty house and went to check it out. SO far we like the town very much but it's too late to see the house. I love road trip with my parents becuase sometimes when one of us start singing a song and soon after we are all singing untill we get to a part of the song we can't remember we just hum. lol well that was a random fact of the week ttyl. =D =D =D

3 Lucky-Duckeys:

KAIT said...

lol ily sawah! i cant wait to see u at no limits!!!!! :D

Tambalina said...

Sawah!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you!!!!!! We have alot planned for you muhaha!!!!!!!! LOL call me kk=•)

Sarah Ladd said...

Love you guys too!!!! =D