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Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Freedom week pics

Me and Tam AFTER we woke up!! lol
me n katie fur
Me n Steph from Washington! me n Jorden M from Redding
me n Louisa from San Jose
Danielle from Redding bein Cray Cray!!
Lorrena!! muhaha
Me n Priscilla from Redding
me n Ashley!!
me n Mersadies
Us being werid!! lol
me n tam BEFORE we went to bed! lol
speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil!
Crazy peeps! =)

Laney from San Jose wit a cute little dog! awwww
Tamsen and Sammy in room 10 leavin their mark! lol
me Asiri and Sadies chillen! heehee
Asiri me Lorrena Tams and Heather in church

Ok their are MORE pics coming so just give me a little time!! =0)

9 Lucky-Duckeys:

Bekah! said...

I love the pic at the top of you n tammy! :) lol but seriously i think its cute!

PeekabooLadd said...

Ok well the first picture with you and tams....YOU LOOK LIKE CRACK MONKEYS!! Oh wait....YOU ARE LOL MUUHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Sarah Ladd said...

hahaha you guys crack me up!! =0) we wanted to show everyone what we looked like in the mornings! lol

Me said...

haha we look great dont we!!! thats the night sarah short kept us all up till like 4 somethin!!!!

Heather_The_Great said...

its an emergency!!!! my word!! my knees are showing. um hello!!! is there no sense of proprietness lol i cant even speeell it. mwahaha. ok so i cropped my pix and everyone looks modest. we had so much fun!! im so glad i came down u guys all made it a last for me thank you!!!

Me said...

awww heather you made it soo fun too!!! but sawah!!!! those are EMBARASSING pix you have on there!!! ne ways just wait ..... i mean sarah!!! lol

Ashley Bunger (アシュリ-・バンガ-) said...

I had ssoo much fun with you all! I loved being in our room together ("Emergency")! The pictures of you girls after you woke up are funny :) Hopefully in the future I will have the privilege of rooming with you girls again!

Ashley said...

Aww. Cray cray! I love it. Lol, miss you Sarah!!

Sarah Ladd said...

I miss you 2 Att!! =D ooOOoOooOOO....Tamsen!! I'm SOOOO scared!! lol ;)