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Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Woman Who Fell to Earth, and Then Looked Toward Heaven

Vesna Vulovic fell six miles form the sky and lived! On January 26th, 1972, the Serbian born stewardess was aboard a Yugoslav Airlines Flight 367 bound for Belgrade from Copenhagen. One hour into the flight, an explosion tore the DC-9 apart. Lodged in a portion of the fuselage, Vulovic plummeted 33,300 feet, crashing into a snowy hill. Somehow, she survived. Awakening with several broken bones after tree days in a coma, she was horrified to learn that the 27 other people aboard had all perished. "When I saw a newspaper and read what had happened, I nearly died form shock." Within 10 months she was up and walking! Today, Guinness World Records lists her as the person who has fallen the greatest distance without a parachute and survived. Now 58, Vulovic still has a twisted spine and walks with a limp. Her ordeal changed her in other ways too. "The accident made me turn to God. It also made me an optimist, because if you can survive what I survived, you can survive anything."

How great is our God??

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